Beach Days

Some of my favorite days in Costa Rica while living there were wandering the beaches, from the main beach in Manuel Antonio down to the Playitas and the secluded ancient beach near our home. My heart always finds its home near the crashing waves, and I will always know the power of Creation when I stand where the ocean meets the shore.  I thought I would share some of my favorite places with you. At first I considered sharing my favorite days but then I realized every day was my favorite day. I hope you enjoy them. The trail that … Continue reading Beach Days

A word about small dinosaurs

I was perusing my photos from our recent time in Costa Rica and noticed how often I photographed another of my favorite creatures, those enigmatic and intimidating remnants of prehistory that make up the amphibian and reptilian world-the lizards and iguanas. Many people are actually afraid of these fellows and, while I have a healthy respect for their natures and space, I am truly enamored of their beauty and grace as they move through their rituals of daily life. The nice specimen above was waiting in the middle of the hiking road as I made my way towards the private … Continue reading A word about small dinosaurs

Guayabo National Monument

On our second trip to Costa Rica we stayed in the Savegre Mountains for the first leg of our vacation. Our friend Alex picked us up bright and early for the trip which would begin with an excursion to Guayabo National Monument in one of the National Parks located near Turrialba Volcano. I was the most excited because this particular event was one of my own personal requests. The day was gorgeous, as most are  in Costa Rica, and we always enjoy our visits with Alex. He is a wonderful tour guide as well as an excellent driver. He took … Continue reading Guayabo National Monument

Quetzal Magic

As promised, I am here once again to share more of our Costa Rica adventures, this time reliving our vacation experience in the mountains along the Savegre River.  It was on this visit, while staying at the Savegre Mountain Lodge, that I had my very first “birding” experience and fell in love with the wonder and magic of photographing the abundant wildlife of Costa Rica. I have been photographing wildlife whenever possible in the different places we have lived for some time, but the opportunities within this country are limitless. I only hope to continue to have more adventures and the chance to capture the magic … Continue reading Quetzal Magic


Hi All, We  are a bit in flux right now, but I didn’t want you to think I had abandoned you. So I thought I would pop in for a quick post while I have some wifi and share a photo of upcoming news. This was taken on our Savegre Mountain Lodge trip and is the main reason I now find myself immersed in a world of birds and their intriguing natures and beauty. This fellow, the Resplendent Quetzal, lives in the cloud forest areas of Costa Rica. They are only in the high altitude forests and the Savegre River … Continue reading Teaser…