A Day Without Monkeys….

Is like a circus with no clowns. And every day has been like a circus since we moved into our little jungle house. Chico has turned this little area into a wonderland of delights for birds and animals alike as they pass through on their daily journeys. We have even been fortunate enough to see some fairly rare birds for this section of our area. More on those later. Let me introduce you to my “kids”, the wonderfully entertaining, highly excitable and completely amazing Squirrel Monkeys, or “Titis” as they are nicknamed around here, short for Mono Titi. The scientific … Continue reading A Day Without Monkeys….

Encore BarbaRoja!

Did I mention we go to BarbaRoja a lot? Yep, I thought so. Well, we were there last night for another lovely sunset but were having fun with friends and enjoying the music of Robbie Clark, so I did not snap as many photos of the setting sun as I normally would have. I just wanted to post a bit of our fun and let you get a peek at Robbie and the band. Good times. Never a dull view.. PS Sorry no photo of the burger. It was devoured pretty quickly after it arrived. Oops. Next time. 🙂 Continue reading Encore BarbaRoja!

Hiking the Waterfall trails at Peace Lodge

After we visited the birds we decided to head out for the waterfall trails. Now, trails at this reserve are not prehistoric and in their natural form; however, neither are they easy hikes. While the pathways have been carefully planned and wooden planking and railing set in place, the hike is full of stair climbing and many precarious situations. You would not want to have a free roaming toddler with you for this. The walks were amazing and it took us two separate days to get to all that we wanted to see. The exercise was wonderful and the views … Continue reading Hiking the Waterfall trails at Peace Lodge