Adventures in Food

Hello again,

I thought I might take a moment to talk about our food experiences here. Although it can’t really been done well in a moment, I will share a few of our favorite ones. We honestly have not had any food here in the country that was not suitable or extremely delectable. While not decadent or swimming in sauces and gravies as a general rule, the people here know how to cook simple, interesting and healthy meals. The abundant supply of fresh produce helps as well as the presence of good, fresh fish, always available and affordable.  As I mentioned before, beef experiences can be varied but there are places that will advertise Angus beef and that has been really good. Then there are surprises like the steak smothered in a savory gravy that rivals the one I grew up on and have spoiled my own family with that is served at the Jaco Rustico line service typical foods restaurant in Jaco. The pork dishes have always been wonderful, and I swear there can be no better bacon than what we have had here. It is almost like ham and is so lean. If you are a dessert fanatic, better prepare yourself for a bit of difference in that most places serve desserts that are simple, often begun with in-season fresh fruits, which are heavenly to me. Mango, pineapple and coconut are good starters. Nearly everyone has something chocolate and a nice version of a Key Lime pie are often available as well. Here in Manuel Antonio the desserts run the gamut due to many of the chefs being American or American-influenced. Here I will share with you a few of the yummy things we have eaten although I have photographed many more and will share later. My husband can attest to the fact that I am addicted to food photography, much to his chagrin when he is ready to dive into his plate headfirst. Note: You may see a fork in some of the shots. He just wouldn’t wait. 😉


At El Avion, the food is lifted up from the kitchen below by this dumbwaiter which, before its retirement, was the body of an airplane! We thought that was clever indeed.


And this spicy blackened Mahi, or Dorado, is one of our favorite dishes here. It is bathed in a nice mango based sauce that adds just the right compliment to the spice. The veggies are wonderful as well.

ImageThis is Ronny’s, famous for its sunset views and the best Sangria around. REALLY. I am not the biggest fan of Sangria but this is fragrant and smooth. I could drink the entire pitcher myself!


Trust me, I tried once or twice. hehe

Pretty huh? Those are fresh apple pieces in there also.

Chicken Kabobs at Ronny’s (see the fork sneaking in there?)

Nacho plate at Ronny’s. So much food!

This was one of our favorite meals while in the mountains on the Savegre River. At the Lodge we were served fresh rainbow trout at literally every buffet meal. This fried version was served at a little soda a short hike up the hill.


And these lovely folks were friends we met up in the mountains and surprisingly ran into once we were in Manuel Antonio. We were all dining at the Marlin restaurant, right across from the beach there. Great food, casados and fresh fish. The sushi was delicious there.Image
This little place in Jaco is owned and operated by our friend, Jim, serving typical foods like burgers, sandwiches and fried fare.

I talked about Jaco Rustico before but here is a photo so you can see what I mean about the atmosphere. Very casual.


Fresh lobster, cooked up right at home. This variety doesn’t have claws. So yummy.


My hubby’s favorite Costa Rica beer, Pilsen. So we drink.

Our Happy Hours at Savegre Mountain Lodge


And at Villa Vanilla Spice Farm we ended our tour at this lookout for a magnificent mountain view and some yummy treats made with the fresh vanilla beans grown there as well as wonderful Costa Rica coffee and cookies, followed up with Cinnamon tea made from their very own cinnamon bark. What a lovely and refreshing way to end a long hike. It was a wonderful morning. For more info on Villa Vanilla tours, check out their site at


Cheers! And Happy Dining while in Costa Rica!



So…no matter where you decide to dive into delicious food, the experience will be unique, satisfying, and the portions sizes often lead to the proverbial “doggie bag”.

Hey, he's got a family to feed too! :)
Hey, he’s got a family to fee too! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Food

    1. Thanks Dan. As I sat there at one a.m. Reading it over again, i realized how much my writing has developed over the last year and knew I could have said so much more about these venues. But it was one A.M. I was happy to let the photos speak for me. The food is not fancy in Costa Rica, nor is it overly rich; but everything is so fresh. Thanks for reading!


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