One Day in the Life

Hi All!

Instead of a themed post today I thought I would just share a couple of photos from my fun day yesterday. Yep. Pretty much every day has been fun since we came here.  It all depends on what you look for. Yesterday it appeared to be monkey day around the old jungle place. Titis popped in and out, I saw a straggling Capuchen scaling the hotel roof next door and the Howlers, who often do not appear-or let you know they are there-even made their way through the jungle canopy that surrounds our little porch. How did I know? They were howling, of course. Theirs is quite a distinctive sound, something somewhere between that of a Gorilla and a Black Bear. It is quite unique and definitely will get one’s attention. Imagine falling into a deep slumber amid the serenity of forest sounds- frogs, crickets, trees rustling in the wind. Suddenly, at around three a.m. you are awakened by the sound of grunting that you aren’t even sure you heard. Then comes the low growl, building to a full howl if there is something the Holwer is particularly unnerved or annoyed by. What, might you ask, could annoy the beasts? They don’t like noises that aren’t of their own world. They loathe motorbikes. Every time one snakes its way up the road here to make a delivery and beeps its little horn, it causes dust clouds, bird evacuations and if the Howlers are in the vicinity, they are certain to express their extreme displeasure at this sound disruption to their world. If you take the time to watch their movement, their interactions, and the slow, steady way that they live, you can certainly begin to understand why. They are, after all, only expressing what the rest of us are stifling. “Hey you, stop screwing with my serenity here!” But life IS what it is, food must be delivered, people come and go; and through most of it they are silent. Yesterday after I heard their calls, I quickly grabbed up my camera, trotted up the stone steps to the gate, unlocked, stepped outside, relocked and prepared myself for the short walk up the road to where I knew I had a better view of the animals and could perhaps even get shots of them crossing overhead to the other side of the woods. I have had a couple of rare but wonderful sessions in this way. Not so yesterday, for now residing in one of the Casas up the hill which are rented out regularly, there was a dog. Not just any dog, mind you, but one of those amazingly cute yet bamboo shoots- under- the-fingernails annoying variety my husband lovingly (hehe) refers to as a “yapper”. As soon as it saw my body moving up the road, even though I was stealthy and didn’t come within 50 yards of its caged porch territory, it continued to yap. And no one told it to stop. Perhaps they weren’t home. Perhaps they get used to the noise, much like those folks whose children climb the furniture, have full on temper tantrums, bloody each other’s noses, and wreak general havoc, all while their parental unit(s) loll about the house-or grocery store-in complete complacence or apathy. Maybe its just good meds. Perhaps I should ask the wildlife commission here to introduce a bit of Xanax to the primate world. No matter, for the little furry sentry kept it up until my friend, the great Congo beast, had simply had enough and let out the most commanding howl I have heard to date. And it was aimed right in the little guy’s direction. It brought to mind one of our favorite flicks, Harry and the Hendersons, when Harry had had just about enough of the family dog and picked it up, looking at it like he wanted to crush it until the family stepped in to help him form a bond with the pet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the movies and Congos aren’t Bigfoot. I wanted only to photograph my friends, not to threaten their serenity. So, I clicked the camera off, turned around and left, grumbling, “I agree with you, big Fella.” But I did get a few shots which I am publishing here for you now. Later I will go to the deep recesses of my photo cache and retrieve the best shots I have been able to get of these gentle giants to share with you. Hope your day is peaceful and that all the noise you encounter will be to your particular liking. Peace, Cheryl


Just hanging out


No special plan…

But enough is enough already..


And so we all quietly went home.  Have a nice day. 🙂

6 thoughts on “One Day in the Life

    1. Thanks. I don’t have time for anything over the top. I love Costa Rica and would like other people to consider it as a destination. Just want to share my experiences. I appreciate your taking a look. Pura Vida!


    1. Hi, l liked your blog as well. Where are you currently visiting? We are in the Manuel Natonio area and the monkeys are usually in the jungle areas near the beaches, lower lands, I beleieve. We have had our daily share of the sweet little squirrel monkeys. Like wild children, those guys. Enjoy your travels! We wouldnt trade our time here for anything! Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog.


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