In the Here and Now

Just thought Id pop in a “current affairs ” post and photo while still chronicling our previous visits. It is pretty humid and hot now but trips to the amazing jungled beaches and drives to the cool mountains soon soothe away thoughts of the heat.. Continue reading In the Here and Now

The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..

Well, not exactly, but we have certainly found a bit of heaven in many cups of smooth, full bodied coffee while on our visits to Costa Rica. We enjoyed it so much we simply had to take a tour of one of the country’s leading coffee producers. Now, many people take the Britt tours and I understand they are fun and informative. But we wanted something a bit different, so we asked at the Lodge and it was recommended that we take the Doka Coffee Plantation tour and we signed up. But first, we would take an early morning trip … Continue reading The Road to Paradise is Paved with Coffee Beans..