Butterflies are Beautiful….

At Peace Lodge, there is a butterfly habitat with a hatching room as well as the free flight of many different species, of course the major one being their signature resident, the Blue Morpho. In a serene setting where meditation style music is playing, we walked through the habitat observing all the natural movements of butterflies and saw the room where new chrysalis were hanging, awaiting the emerging new beauties. It was so serene and relaxing that it was a place truly difficult to leave. I had never known that butterflies liked fermenting fruit or that they would dine on bananas and papaya. They flew around our bodies, dipping and soaring as though we were a part of the nature that surrounded them. Again, not the ideal place for an overly energetic small one. As a side note, when we stayed at Peace Lodge, there was an adults only guest policy but children came in with daytime tours. They have a sister hotel near Arenal Volcano that has wonderful facilities for families.You can get more info on this location by visiting http://www.thespringscostarica.com/sisterproperites


The most interesting thing to me about the Blue Morpho is its simple, brown appearance as it sits dining or resting; but, the moment it spreads its wings, it becomes brilliant blue!


Butterfly breakfast.


New wonders awaiting birth.

What a wonderful way to end our day of hiking.


What do you think?

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