Peace Lodge-A Peaceful Paradise

We arrived at Peace Lodge and were greeted by friendly staff and given full instructions and information on meals, events, tours and guidelines for the on site animal reserve. The only thing to mention as a negative is that while there we were captive as far as meal choices since the nearest “other” restaurant was a good distance away. Things may have changed since our visit there two years ago, but we chose to eat at the hotel. There are two restaurants, one a more formal setting and the other a buffet style which is open during the day for the guests as well as visitors and residents coming up for the daily tours of the wildlife exhibits and waterfall hikes. We found, at that time, the restaurant a bit expensive and the food moderate. But the breakfast was a different story! It was buffet style with eggs cooked to order and the selection of fresh fruit was amazing. We love the dairy products here as it is all so fresh and full of flavor. One of our favorite things was to find out what the fruit juice of the day was as we learned much about local fruits that we didn’t even know existed. And the patio setting was breathtaking. Sometimes there was light rain which pushed us closer inside but the setting was equally pleasant and comfortable. The temperatures in January were in the 40’s at night and 60-70 degrees during the day. So, a set of pants and a sleeved shirt would be advisable when visiting any of the higher elevations as we found out on our next vacation. We also each had a light jacket which came in handy for those nights when we walked down to the restaurant in the rain. Rain, coupled with the cooler temps made for a chilly experience. There was a fire in the restaurant which helped us to quickly forget the chill. Our room also had a fireplace which was gas driven and had a timer on it so going to sleep with a toasty fire was not a problem. I remember having some of the best sleep in years on those four nights. We awoke each day to a patio view of the cloud covered mountains and enjoyed a cup of coffee as we watched the clouds move out for the day, making our plans and still trying to believe we were really still in this beautiful place.


As a welcome, every guest has their name put on their door and is given a handcrafted identity bracelet for entry to the various exhibits on the property. They made nice souvenirs of our trip.


Waking to this vision each day is a rejuvenating way to start life. Image

Although we found it too chilly to take advantage of at that temperature, the hot tub on the patio was an amazing extra.

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