Peace Lodge-A Peaceful Paradise

We arrived at Peace Lodge and were greeted by friendly staff and given full instructions and information on meals, events, tours and guidelines for the on site animal reserve. The only thing to mention as a negative is that while there we were captive as far as meal choices since the nearest “other” restaurant was a good distance away. Things may have changed since our visit there two years ago, but we chose to eat at the hotel. There are two restaurants, one a more formal setting and the other a buffet style which is open during the day for … Continue reading Peace Lodge-A Peaceful Paradise

Welcome to Peace Lodge

    After being “abandoned” at the airport by our prearranged transport from the Lodge, we tried to remain positive about our first trip to this tropical wonderland. Soon, with the help of our new friend Alex who quickly came to assist us, we were soon lifted from our sense of uncertainty into a place of sheer magic. We have always loved nature and being in wide open spaces, but there are not enough words for me to describe the serenity of driving ever upward into the volcanic mountain ranges here in Costa Rica. Each turn in the road brings … Continue reading Welcome to Peace Lodge