Seduced by Costa Rica


When my husband first started to talk about moving to another country, I was filled with trepidation. As a Cancer in the Zodiac, I am very much a home body and live to “nest”, preferably near family, old friends, and familiar things. He, however is a Virgo, filled with wanderlust. Our lives have been rather like a gypsy trail, rich with experience and many friends in different places. Being a Crab, I can quickly and easily make a home wherever I land. 🙂 He has always been drawn to tropical settings and went through the list of possibilities with my own interjections and “objections” along the way. He finally seemed to mentally land on a small country that honestly I had only remembered hearing of by name, knew virtually nothing about, and of course had no interest in moving to. As his own love affair with the idea grew, we made plans to vacation in the Latin country of Costa Rica, our first visit being a kind of honeymoon we never had. We will talk about that trip as well as the one that followed a bit later as each visit has been a magnificent experience, leading to my own complete and unending love for the land of Costa Rica, its amazing open arms to the world, the kaleidoscope landscape, warm people and easy going lifestyle. I was truly seduced by its charm, beauty and welcoming nature. I started this blog in an effort to share my own experiences with you and give anyone who has never visited this paradise a glimpse of the possibilities, and for those of you already familiar with this country and are no longer here, perhaps a journey to revisit its beautiful, rich landscapes once more.

What do you think?

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