My first “date” with Costa Rica

Once my husband Lee had my attention, he began to plan our first vacation trip to Costa Rica. With so much to see, do and sense in this one little country, it was a daunting task to plan the perfect vacation and compress it down to the confines of one week. He researched, we weighed the pros and cons, and my only request was both beach and volcano time. Sounds simple enough except that often travel within the country can be challenging-and slow. Fortunately for us the roads from San Jose to Quepos/Manuel Antonio have been turned into a wonderful highway and improved roadways that get you there in half the time it did by the “old” road. We checked into Arenal Volcano, since it is the one most often advertised and visited, but time constraints and the possible need for a “puddle jumper” plane ride took us in a different direction. We knew we wanted to end our trip in the Manuel Antonio National Park area.  It was then that my  husband began to check out the Poas Volcano area, ending with our booking a reservation at the Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfalls. It sounded so heavenly, peaceful, conservation conscious and the perfect location for a postponed honeymoon.  It was four of the loveliest days of my life. The trails, waterfalls, animal exhibits and even the drive to the lodge over post earthquake roads that looked more like bombed out war zones was lovely. A happy accident where our ride from the lodge never showed up at the airport put us in the caring and knowledgeable hands of Alexandro Villalobos, a driver for the airport taxi service who is now a dear friend. He has transported us on many trips and helped us in so many ways while we have been acclimating to this new and wonderful place. It was a magnificent “first date”. For more info on Peace Lodge visit

The first of many breathtaking mountain views on our vacation
The first of many breathtaking mountain views on our vacation

798This is our friend, Alex, the best tour guide and driver we could have hoped for.

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