My first “date” with Costa Rica

Once my husband Lee had my attention, he began to plan our first vacation trip to Costa Rica. With so much to see, do and sense in this one little country, it was a daunting task to plan the perfect vacation and compress it down to the confines of one week. He researched, we weighed the pros and cons, and my only request was both beach and volcano time. Sounds simple enough except that often travel within the country can be challenging-and slow. Fortunately for us the roads from San Jose to Quepos/Manuel Antonio have been turned into a wonderful … Continue reading My first “date” with Costa Rica

Seduced by Costa Rica

When my husband first started to talk about moving to another country, I was filled with trepidation. As a Cancer in the Zodiac, I am very much a home body and live to “nest”, preferably near family, old friends, and familiar things. He, however is a Virgo, filled with wanderlust. Our lives have been rather like a gypsy trail, rich with experience and many friends in different places. Being a Crab, I can quickly and easily make a home wherever I land. 🙂 He has always been drawn to tropical settings and went through the list of possibilities with my … Continue reading Seduced by Costa Rica